CEO and Director Recruitment

As companies continue to look for ways to foster growth and drive success in a changing economy, it can sometimes be the case that a change is required to happen at the very top of an organisation.  With a change that is either dictated to by performance or a departure, it can be the case that a discreet top-level search is required.  At Mana, by means of headhunting, networking and looking intensely at the market, we are trusted to help an organisation with their CEO recruitment or Director recruitment.  A customised solution is often what is required at a time when clear thinking is required back up with an intelligent search in your market to find the next leader of your company.

Middle and Senior Level Recruitment

With domain expertise across multiple vertical markets Mana Search and Selection takes a strategic approach to recruiting middle and senior level executives. We are committed to understanding each client’s unique culture, recruitment processes and specific requirements for individual hires. Drawing on multiple sourcing channels and advanced targeting, we accelerate the recruitment process to deliver ideal candidates.

SME Manager Recruitment

“This is not the service for our company” can be a familiar thought process for the small and medium sized company.  Search & Selection seems out of reach, and so it can be dismissed.  It is often the case that a SME will require this service as much if not more than a larger company.  A dedicated consultant headhunting and looking for potential managers and directors at an SME level, or who are looking to transfer their skills, who are in the market but not on the market can bring surprising and hugely beneficial results. Trust Mana Search and Selection to get this process right for you.

Talent Management

“Clarity out of complexity”

Looking beyond top-level resourcing needs, companies face a wide range of talent acquisition challenges, from managing talent processes, technologies and strategies to recruiting practitioners with specialised skills.  These needs are met through our fully customised, flexible strategic recruitment solutions

Whether large or small, public or private, global or local, every company or organisation requires an effective leadership team. Finding the right leader for the right position at the right time is a complex challenge best met with the assistance of a firm that has a proven track record of success.