How we work

Strategic Alliance Partner and Trusted Advisor

At Mana Search and Selection we understand the high value of long-term business relationships, and are fully committed to working with our clients and executive candidates to ensure that both individuals and organisations are brought together by combining shared ideas and goals.

Our processes create a synergy that results in a successful hire for the company and a challenging and rewarding career move for the individual. We ask that our clients and candidates alike accept and buy into our fully integrated partnership business model, in doing so it allows for a smooth faultless process that ensures all expectations are met.

For our executive candidates it is our priority to gain a clear and full understanding of all personal and professional aspirations, these major factors help us guide executives towards the opportunities and organisations to which they are best suited.

In addition to open honest career advice, all executive candidates will receive full detailed transparent feed back at the post interview stages.

Honesty, integrity and professionalism are the core principles of our business and our steadfast commitment to ‘ethics first’ provides the behavioural framework for all of our business partnerships.