Elevate Your Sales Team with Mana Resourcing

Sales prowess is at the core of business success. At Mana Resourcing, our sales expertise is a cornerstone of our identity. Co-owners Alistair and Calum, both former accomplished sales professionals, have woven their professional sales acumen into the fabric of Mana Resourcing, ensuring a legacy of excellence.

Why Choose Mana Resourcing for Sales Recruitment?

  • Proven Sales Credentials: Our co-owners' extensive sales backgrounds infuse our recruitment processes with a profound understanding of sales dynamics.
  • Personalized Approach: We offer a personalized, discreet, and streamlined recruitment service that aligns with your unique sales needs.

Comprehensive Sales Staffing Solutions

Mana Resourcing provides a wide spectrum of staffing solutions across diverse sales disciplines, including:

Business Profiel

Sales Managers and Directors


PR, Marketing and Media

Specialists Markets


Partner with Mana Resourcing for Sales Excellence

At Mana Resourcing, we blend our sales know-how with a commitment to unparalleled service. Our team understands your sales goals, the intricacies of each job, and your ideal candidate profile. This holistic approach ensures we source and deliver the perfect fit for your sales vacancies.

Experience the Mana Resourcing Advantage

Mana Resourcing stands as your catalyst for transforming your sales team's capabilities. As your strategic partner, we bridge the gap between talent and opportunity. Contact us today to unlock the potential of exceptional sales recruitment and propel your business toward sustained growth.