Board Recruitment Specialists for 

engineering, technical and industrial sectors

Elevating Executive Recruitment for Board and CEO Roles

When it comes to executive recruitment for Board and CEO positions, a distinct approach is essential. At Mana Resourcing, we recognize that it's not just about filling a role – it's about aligning values and objectives, uniting companies with individuals who share a vision. This results in candidates who are not just seeking a job, but a purposeful challenge that resonates with them.

From leading global corporations to the dynamic public sector and innovative SMEs, our specialization in engineering executive search provides a competitive edge to our clients in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Our Expertise in Board, CEO, Chair, and Non-Executive Director Recruitment

Our dedicated specialists excel in recruiting top-tier candidates for a range of crucial roles, including:

  • Chief Executives
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Managing Directors
  • Executive Directors
  • Chairs
  • Independent Non-Executive Directors
  • Senior Independent Directors
  • Supervisory Directors

Unlocking Global Talent Networks

We boast a robust professional network that spans the UK, European, and International markets. This extensive reach allows us to identify and connect with exceptional talent that often lies beyond the grasp of other agencies. Our commitment is to deliver a level of excellence that transforms your leadership team and shapes the future of your organization.

Mana Resourcing stands ready to bridge the gap between visionary leaders and dynamic organizations. Contact us today to embark on a journey of executive recruitment that propels your success on a global scale.