Elevate Your Recruitment Strategy with Mana Resourcing

At Mana Resourcing, we provide tailored recruitment solutions that align with the unique needs of our clients. Our offerings include:

Permanent Recruitment Solutions

Mana Resourcing excels in identifying candidates who become valuable additions to your team. Through our Permanent Recruitment service, we source and present candidates that match your requirements. We operate on a % fee of the candidate's starting salary, invoiced only on the day the candidate commences employment.

Permanent Search and Selection for Senior Candidates 

As your strategic partner, we offer a premium value-added service that goes beyond conventional recruitment. Our Permanent Search and Selection service is designed for identifying senior candidates who might not be actively seeking new opportunities but are ideal fits for your organization. This service includes headhunting and networking to uncover the best talent. Clients opting for this service retain Mana Resourcing's exclusive expertise by providing a retainer. This investment enables us to dedicate significant time and specialized effort to the project.

Temporary Recruitment: A Flexible Approach

Mana Resourcing specialises in sourcing the right candidates for clients seeking temporary staff. Candidates are engaged by the client on a temporary basis, with an agreed hourly or daily rate. Through this arrangement, candidates are employed via our agency, providing clients with the flexibility they need to meet their short-term staffing requirements.

Temporary to Permanent Recruitment: Trial and Transition

Explore the Temporary to Permanent Recruitment approach that offers a seamless transition. Clients can bring in a temporary worker through Mana Resourcing and, based on their performance and fit, transition them to a permanent role. Depending on the duration of the temporary assignment, this transition might even come at no additional cost, offering a risk-free way to find the perfect fit for your team.

Interim / Contract Recruitment: Fixed Period Solutions

When your business requires specialized expertise for a specific project or a worker for a fixed period (such as maternity cover), Mana Resourcing is your trusted partner. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality staff for these situations, we ensure your short-term needs are met with precision.

Unlock the Power of Tailored Recruitment Solutions

Mana Resourcing is committed to providing comprehensive and customized recruitment solutions that transcend traditional approaches. Our strategic alliances, exclusive services, and expert insights ensure that you find candidates who not only meet your needs but also drive your organization's success.

Experience the Mana Resourcing Advantage

Contact us today to explore how our recruitment services can transform your talent acquisition strategy. Mana Resourcing stands as your partner in identifying top-tier candidates that align with your vision and objectives.


As each individual recruitment project is different, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements