How to select an executive search recruiter

When looking for an executive headhunting service...

This is all you need to know.

Not all Executive search and selection services are the same.

Headhunting recruitment is not just for Directors of large companies - it can often be the most appropriate service to find managers and senior members of staff for SME's as well.

Executive search involves in-depth research, private networking, exhaustive screening and a methodically thought-out selection process to gain a prosperous outcome for the hiring organization.  Ensure that the executive search and selection recruitment company has the experience and the time to achieve this.

Be prepared to take time with your search & selection consultant.  They should be sitting down with you and spend considerable time looking at the business in detail, the role that you are looking to fill and your ideal candidate.  Once engaged with a search & selection recruitment company that specialise in board level hires and headhunting, then you should develop a consultative strategic relationship with your consultant.

In addition to open honest career advice, the right headhunting recruitment firm will ensure that all executive candidates will receive full detailed transparent feedback at the post interview stages.  This often facilitates successful senior recruitment and board level recruitment.

The guarantee of confidentiality and assignment exclusivity are key reasons companies choose executive search.

You will need to be realistic with time frames when choosing an executive headhunting service.  It is not a quick fix, it is often ensuring the long term growth of your company.