Meet the Team

Drew Semple 

Senior Recruitment Consultant 

Drew joined Mana in early 2020. He has a wealth of experience within procurement and finance recruitment and has helped many high profile clients run campaigns and recruit successfully. Drew is always happy to offer advice and honesty so please feel free to give him a call today to see how he can help.

Favourite things:

Film: Gladiator
Food: Steak
Song: Levels 
TV Programme: Match of the day 
Word: Revenge
Colour: Black or grey
Place in the World: St Lucia
Sport: Football 

Jemma Jones

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Jemma initially worked at Mana Resourcing from 2009 to 2014 and returned in 2018. Since her little one has started school she has come back to do what she likes best - recruiting! Jemma has a clear passion for recruiting, loves talking to clients and candidates and with over ten years’ experience she will do her very best to find you what you are looking for. Jemma specialises in recruiting for the IT, Finance, and Office roles, and will assist anyone needing help so please don’t be shy and give her a call today!

Favourite things:

Book: The Unmumsy Mum
Film: Matilda, Jumanji or Home Alone
Food: Chocolate
Song: Love Anything by Faithless
TV Programme: Anything foody
Word: Love
Colour: Pink
Place in the World: Thailand or Dubai
Sport: Running or Dancing

Andrew Townsin 

Technical - Sales & Operations Senior Consultant

Andrew is a vastly experienced consultant who began his Recruitment career in 2000.  Specialising in servicing technical industries (engineering, manufacturing, construction, IT, electronics, electrical, oil & gas, OEM’s, etc.)

Andrew is committed to understanding Client’s and their requirements providing them with a full array of staff from Director to shop-floor level.  He is a self-confessed luddite but his honest approach and phobia for letting people down means that he continues to be a successful and passionate recruiter who we are proud to have as a member of our team.

Favourite things:

Book: Ashes to Ashes by Tami Hoag, Robin Hobb’s Farseer series, The Poet by Michael Connelly, The Aftermath by Peter Robinson, Linseed Oil and Fish Paste by Mark Bussell BUT the best book ever written is Playground of the Gods by Ian Stafford
Film: Tequila Sunrise
Food: Tapas, or my friend in Canada Dave’s BBQ ribs
Song: The Saturday Boy by Billy Bragg
TV Programme: West Wing
Word: Transubstantiation
Colour: Navy Blue
Place in the World: British Columbia
Sport: Cricket of course.  Any other answer is simply wrong

Calum Thomson

Managing Director

Calum has been the Co-Owner of Mana Resourcing since 2007. Previously, Calum had worked at Yell as an Account Executive for almost four years.  He is a very hands-on Director, leading the Mana Resourcing team in addition to looking after commercial sales and marketing positions for clients.

Favourite things:

Book: Dreams of Leaving by Rupert Thomson
Film: The Godfather Part 2
Food: Curry
Song: She Bangs The Drum – The Stone Roses
TV Programme: Cheers
Word: Yes
Colour: Red
Place in the World: Northumberland
Sport: Tennis

Alistair Nottingham

Managing Director

Alistair's experience has always been in sales, from his first role selling mobile phones, working through advertising sales at EMAP (now Bauer Media) and then setting up with his own business as an agency selling Outdoor and Ski goods to the trade.  Alistair returned to media sales with where he met his current co-owner Calum (above).  Alistair's role at Mana has developed from being a hands-on Consultant to taking responsibility of accounts, budgets, marketing, buying, trouble-shooting and running the Education Team.

Favourite things:

Book: Tycoon by Peter Jones.
Taken, Man on Fire and Equalizer.
Indian although I will try anything!
The Devil Went Down to Georgia - The Levellers.
TV Programme:
Odyssey - highly recommend watching.
Word: Ethereal.
Colour: Purple.
Place in the World: 
Dubai. UK - York and Edinburgh.
Gym. My kid's playing football or trampolining.

Luke Boydon-Jones

Talent Manager (AKA Resourcer)

Luke is responsible for our candidate recruitment; he finds the best candidates for our Consultants. Luke is also responsible for running our websites and social media pages.

In his spare time Luke enjoys playing and watching sports and socializing with friends.  Luke is also a budding thespian so keep a look out he may be performing at a theatre near you.

Favourite things:

Book: People, Places and things.
Harry Potter.
One Love - Bob Marley.
TV Programme:
Word: Floccinaucinihilipilification.
Colour: Red.
Place in the World:
New Forest/Barcelona.

Charlene Anderson

Compliance and Administration

Charlene joined Mana in January 2016 and what an impact she has made! As our Compliance and Administration, it is Charlene's role to keep Mana's dealings 100% compliant with UK regulations.  With 10 years experience in this field Charlene is tenacious when it comes to getting things right.

Charlene is not just about work, she also has a love of singing and is part of Rock Choir, this fits in well with her allotment where, come rain or shine, she is found singing and growing her own veggies.

Favourite things:

Book: Too many to mention.
Matchbox 20 – push / Fleetwood Mac – Silver Springs.
TV Programme:
Word: Cat.
Colour: Red.
Place in the World: